Vision Services

Ophthalmologist Diagnosis and Treatment for Complete Eye Care

As a practicing Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, my staff and I are here to care for all your vision needs - from comprehensive exams, glaucoma management, cataract surgery, contacts lenses, and eye wear are just a few of services offered. 

It is recommended to see an ophthalmologist periodically.  Annual exams are recommended for people with a family history of eye problems, those monitoring a diagnosed eye disease, or those with high risk diseases such as diabetes.

A comprehensive eye exam will fully evaluate vision concerns. A visions acuity test will test the sharpness of your sight. Using both projected and hand-held eye charts, I examine distance acuity. A colorblind test can rule out the possibility of colorblindness as well as other potential eye health problems. A cover test is performed to see how the uncovered eye adjusts once the other eye has been covered. My office is equipped with the latest in high-tech equipment to examine the eye even closer. A comprehensive eye exam is a complete evaluation of eye performance and health.
If you are experiencing troubles with vision or eye pain, call my Lafayette office immediately. It is important to catch problems in the earliest stages to increase treatment success and rid you of any discomfort.