Vision Services

I recently had Cataract Surgery on both of my eyes.  Prior to the surgery I had been wearing glasses since I turned 40, which is 27 years ago.  As soon as I had the first eye done, I noticed that everything was so much clearer and I couldn’t wait to have the other one done.  After my second eye was done and the healing had taken place, my vision was so clear that I didn’t need my glasses anymore.  All the colors and people’s faces were so clear I couldn’t believe it.  I have to wear "cheaters” to read but that is not bad for a 67 year old!  I am so happy I had the surgery and I am so thankful to Dr. LeBlanc and his staff for always being so kind and answering all my questions.  The recovery was very quick.  I would recommend this to any one that is a candidate for this surgery.

~ Donna Platt


I am so pleased!  I put off having cataract surgery because I have never had surgery before.  Now I am just so happy that I went to see Dr. LeBlanc. The process of having cataract surgery was so smooth thanks to Dr. LeBlanc and his staff.  They were informative and put me at ease; Dr. LeBlanc is so easy to speak to.   I am just so happy that now I can SEE!!

~ Nancy Anderson


Earlier this year, we convinced my 85 year old mother to at least see Dr. LeBlanc because she was so sensitive to glare.  She was hesitant, to say the least; however, her tune changed with our first visit to Dr. LeBlanc's office.  The staff is so welcoming and professional.  And my mother was smitten by the doctors gentle and patient manner.  Of course, the real gift was the improvement in her sight.  She loves to read daily prayers and now does not strain to read.  Her quality of life is multiplied many times ..... as has ours because she is happy and more secure with her life!

~ Doreen Durand 


I did not realize before I had cataract surgery how hazy & blurry my eye sight was.  I am SO amazed now at how bright things are!  Lights are more vivid and I now enjoy watching TV because I can see.  After I had cataract surgery on my right eye, I would cover my left eye and could not believe the difference; it was amazing!  I could not wait to have surgery on my left eye.  Dr. LeBlanc, his staff and the outpatient facility were wonderful! 

~ Margaret Parker